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Rose Medina, or better known by her mermaid name, Lanai, is a full-time 
professional mermaid who works various events from children parties to 
corporate events and even donates her time for special events. Born and raised
 in Spanish Harlem New York, Lanai is very well-acquainted with the city's
 major beaches and its water-dwelling animals. Before becoming a mermaid,
 Lanai began as a marine life educator at at the New York Aquarium in 
Coney Island for 10 years. In 2005, Lanai's lung collapsed, and she had to get 
part of her right lung removed. After her surgery, the doctor suggested she
 try different activities to get her lungs back into shape.

Lanai practiced with the monofin to recover from her surgery, and the results were positive. Not only can she can hold her breath for more than three minutes, her road to recovery eventually turned into something more. Lanai is very well-known in the New York City mermaid community. Being one of the first mermaids in the city to start working professionally, her business has taken off. She truly enjoys working with children and Promoting Animal conservation, while teaching confidence, and boosting self-esteem. Lanai works to provide all clients with a variety of unique, professional and personalized presentations. All appearances are developed to the specifications of each client expectations and are performed with expertise. She offers performances in many venues, both on land (dry) and even underwater. With 9 years’ experience working with animals, participating in public speaking in numerous demonstrations, and 4 years performing experience in live entertainment, Lanai is a professional entertainer who is original, imaginative and genuine. Mermaid Lanai and her mermaid work have been featured on Konbini, Buzzfeed, Daily News and various events. As full-time mermaid at her company since 2010, Mermaid Lanai has educated and entertained countless children and their families.​  

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I hire you to come to my birthday party, do a special appearance or special event and be a mermaid?
A: Well of course, I'm a real life swimming mermaid who is ready to appear at children's parties, corporate events, in tanks, fountains, pools, lakes, on land, in an aquarium or in the ocean too! Email me at-

Q: Do You as a Mermaid Travel, and where do you go?
A: Yes, I can travel all around the USA and the Caribbean, and soon will be able to travel out to various countries for my mermaid appearances and many places in between! Follow me on my Facebook and my INSTAGRAM (@NewYorkMermaid) to see all of my adventures in oceans, pools, tanks and even on land too.  

Q: What kind of tail do you have?
A: I use a realistic medical/movie grade silicone which is child friendly and animal safe. I am also adding 2 new tails come late 2017.

Q: Are you looking to hire other mermaids?
A:  I currently have 2 other mermaids who I work alongside at times, but not looking for anymore at this time. I am also partnered with a few other mermaids and mermen around the USA which come with high recommendations as to their professional work.