Contact  Rose - Lanai:  (212) 858 - 0274 

All Year Round / 7 Days! - Located in New York and 
Can Travel all around the USA!!. Make a Splash At Your Party or Event Today!! 
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Lanai is known as the top premier professional Mermaid 
Performer based in New York and as of recently 
Nationwide. For her its a passion, She works year round
 and truly loves her profession. She takes great pride in 
what she does and strives to make it an amazing
 experience for everyone she meets! With 8+ years providing
 unforgettable experiences for young and old, Lanai 
Promotes Animal conservation, Saving our Seas, along with 
teaching kids and adults to "Find Your Wave,” through
 education and making a connection with our oceans in 
order to save it. While teaching confidence, and boosting
 self-esteem. Afterall, her main mission is to educate while
 bringing imagination to life. Lanai has recently started a 
Video Project called Project: Be Brave in order to help 
inspire others to take amazing steps forward and follow their dreams and share stories of inspiration with other people who have been in their shoes. She is also working in a collaboration with other mermaids around the world for Orca Conservation

Interview with Konbini Pop media: Mermaids Do exist! Meet Lanai:

Interview for The New York Daily News with her Fellow mersister, Mermaid Theta about their profession as Mermaids:

Featured in Daily News (2017)

​News & Record (photos 8 & 9)

INSTAGRAM: @NewYorkMermaid *High Photo/Video content*

Tails currently: 2 (1 currently to debut in October 2018)

Pricing of tails: $1,600- $3,200 For realistic Platinum silicone tails                                         News & Record Photo

Weight of tails: 24- 41lbs
Traveling with tails: Due to weight and size tails need to be checked in on flights
TailMaker: GotMermaid ( , )

Mermaid Service pricing: Local average range is $260- $300 There are 1- 3-hour packages available, as well as 3+ hours. (please note pricing can change depending on location of event, and if it is a Dry party or Splash Party) 

Booking Lanai: Busy Months are April- October which is usually booked months in advance and solid throughout the summer, both weekdays and weekends. Availability is Year around and 7 days a week. She currently has partnered up with 2 other professional mermaids who also book out quickly. If you're looking for more than one mermaid for a party or event let her know with time. Lanai is willing to work with non-profit organizations, Zoos and Aquariums, and various educational programs, Please contact her with more information -