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All Year Round / 7 Days! - Located in New York and 
Can Travel all around the USA!!. Make a Splash At Your Party or Event Today!! 
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​Professional Mermaids Of New York 

Our Mermaids are quite experienced and love what they do! Since 2012, our small team of amazing professional mermaids have happily entertain children and adults at a plethora of events both in and out of the water. Both Lanai & Theta been featured in a variety of media from news to filmed events and even profile pieces. Our Mermaids cover New York (all 5 boroughs), Parts of New Jersey and Long Island. But are willing to travel the united states. From events as small as a Birthday, to as large as a convention, our mermaids do it all. Birthdays for all ages, all types of Parties (private or public), Special appearances, Aquariums, Make a Wish, Fundraisers, Special events (private or public), Grand openings, Weddings/ Receptions and so much more!!

Safety & Experienced
Safety is our #1 priority when it comes to swimming, our mermaids are trained & experienced,
 CPR /AED certified, and have Free-diving experience. But that doesn't stop us from learning 
new experiences which will continue to help us grow in the industry. We are always working
 on bringing higher standards to our profession. ALL of our mermaids are Insured, have 
more than 5+ years in the entertainment/mermaiding industry, have had background checks
 and have been trained, along with mandatory 6 -8 month swim tests. We specialize in our
 craft of interactive performance and entertainment. When you hire our mermaids, you receive
 a highly trained professional who will work to make sure everyone has a mer-magical
 experience with whoever she meets.

Meet our Team
Our Amazing but Small team of Mermaids Are a unique bunch (and soon to be growing in 2020), These lovely sirens can bring excitement, joy and a few laughs as well

Mermaid (Queen) Lanai "The New York Mermaid"

​Born off the waters of Coney Island, NY. This Mermaid Queen has a gentle nature, with a bubbly 
personality, she will enchant all she meets and is quite well-spoken. While she loves spending time
in her home waters along with her whale and dolphin friends, she is just as comfortable in a Pool, Tub
 or Aquarium tank. She doesn't mind wearing her Golden Crown (upon request) or a beautiful flower
to match her tail color. Her favorite things are collecting special treasures (and sharing them with little 
humans too) and telling stories of her ocean friends. Her heart belongs to the ocean as she is always 
working to share awareness about marine animals and ocean conservation. 
(Ask her about her whale friend Zeus, or see if she brought her turtle friend)

Current tails
Pastel Rainbow Silicone tail (perfect for any color theme) and a Green/Pink realistic fabric tail. Both can be used on land or in water. (Her signature Blue tail is currently being upgraded for 2020)

Mermaid Theta (Coming soon)