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All Year Round / 7 Days! - Located in New York and 
Can Travel all around the USA!!. Make a Splash At Your Party or Event Today!! 
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​Thank You for your interest in Lanai, The New York Mermaid. The Mermaid is Available for Photo-shoots, Interviews, Promotional work and so much more. If you'd like to know more. Please Contact Lanai at : [email protected]

Press Releases & Media 
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Press Media
Featured NY Mermaid Parade: Meet The Official Professional Mermaid Pod of New York
​News & Record (photos 8 & 9)


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YouTube Channel: NewYorkMermaid

TWITTER.COM: @MermaidLanai


Tails currently:  2, One Custom Full Silicone Tails & One High Quality Fabric Mermaid Tail

Pricing of tails: $1,600- $4,200 For realistic Platinum Silicone Mermaid Tails,  and $400 for Custom Fabric Tail.                               

Weight of tails: 7lbs (Fabric tail), 40 lbs (Full Silicone tail)

Traveling with tails: Due to weight and size tails need to be checked in on flights
TailMakers: GotMermaid ( ,  and Finfolk Productions ( )

Mermaid Service Pricing Local average range is $200 up There are 1-3-hour packages available, as well as 3+ hours. (please note pricing can change depending on location of event, and if it is a Dry party or Splash Party) 

Booking Lanai: Busy Months are April- October which is usually booked months in advance and solid throughout the summer, both weekdays and weekends. Availability is Year around and 7 days a week. She currently has partnered up with 2 other professional mermaids who also book out quickly. If you're looking for more than one mermaid for a party or event let her know with time. Lanai is willing to work with non-profit organizations, Zoos and Aquariums, and various educational programs, Please contact her with more information - [email protected]


Our clients' and guests' safety is our top priority! All performers are currently fully vaccinated! 
Before each party, performers must confirm that they are healthy and well, with a normal temperature. 
We take care to ensure all of our supplies are sanitized, including Tails, treasured, and anything else we bring for our guests.
Individual disposable supplies are used for each child, so we can spread magic, not germs! 
We will no longer wear masks at indoor parties except upon request. Please let us know when booking if you would like your Mermaid to wear a mask.