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All Year Round / 7 Days! - Located in New York and 
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​Thank You for your interest in Lanai, The New York Mermaid. The Mermaid is Available for Photo-shoots, Interviews, Promotional work and so much more. If you'd like to know more. Please Contact Lanai at : [email protected]

Press Releases & Media 
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Press Media
Featured NY Mermaid Parade: Meet The Official Professional Mermaid Pod of New York
​News & Record (photos 8 & 9)


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Tails currently:  2, One Custom Full Silicone Tail & One High Quality Fabric Mermaid Tail

Pricing of tails: $1,600- $3,200 For realistic Platinum Silicone Mermaid Tails,  and $400 for Custom Fabric Tail.                               

Weight of tails: 7lbs (Fabric tail), 40 lbs (Full Silicone tail)

Traveling with tails: Due to weight and size tails need to be checked in on flights
TailMakers: GotMermaid ( ,  and Finfolk Productions ( )

Mermaid Service Pricing Local average range is $200 up There are 1-3-hour packages available, as well as 3+ hours. (please note pricing can change depending on location of event, and if it is a Dry party or Splash Party) 

Booking Lanai: Busy Months are April- October which is usually booked months in advance and solid throughout the summer, both weekdays and weekends. Availability is Year around and 7 days a week. She currently has partnered up with 2 other professional mermaids who also book out quickly. If you're looking for more than one mermaid for a party or event let her know with time. Lanai is willing to work with non-profit organizations, Zoos and Aquariums, and various educational programs, Please contact her with more information - [email protected]