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Aquatic Entertainer
Aquatic Entertainer in the Bronx
Aquatic Entertainer in Brooklyn
Aquatic Entertainer in Connecticut
Aquatic Entertainer in Long Island
Aquatic Entertainer in Manhattan
Aquatic Entertainer in New Jersey
Aquatic Entertainer in New York
Aquatic Entertainer in New York City
Aquatic Entertainer in Queens
Aquatic Entertainer in Staten Island

Aquarium Swimming Mermaid
Aquarium Swimming Mermaid in Bronx
Aquarium Swimming Mermaid in Brooklyn
Aquarium Swimming Mermaid in Connecticut
Aquarium Swimming Mermaid in Long Island
Aquarium Swimming Mermaid in Manhattan
Aquarium Swimming Mermaid in New Jersey
Aquarium Swimming Mermaid in New York
Aquarium Swimming Mermaid in NYC
Aquarium Swimming Mermaid in Queens
Aquarium Swimming Mermaid in Staten Island
Aquatic performer
Ariel mermaid
As seen on TV
AZA Mermaid

Disney Mermaid Bronx
Disney Mermaid Brooklyn
Disney Mermaid Connecticut
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Disney Mermaid New York
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Book Swimming Mermaid Bronx
Book Swimming Mermaid Brooklyn
Book Swimming Mermaid Connecticut
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Book Swimming Mermaid New York
Book Swimming Mermaid New York City
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Celebrity mermaid
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Circus act
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Kids Parties,Events 
& Appearances
Whether it's a mermaid-themed engagement, a Fun Celebration, Live Décor for an event, a hospital visit, surprising a special someone, or something else. We will do our best to make your event  or request is extra special
Weddings, Special Requests & Luxury Events
Who said Mermaids are for kids? We do adult (family friendly) Our mermaids love to visit for corporate events, aquarium events, appearances & swims, hotel openings, poolside parties, fundraisers, Conventions and other special occasions.

Birthdays are always magical when Lanai is around, We have Swim with a Mermaid, Castaway (Dry) Parties and even Special appearances, 30 min- to 3+ hour packages are available.

New for 2024: Mermaid Lessons. 
Modeling, Film & Television
Since 2014 Lanai and her team have been apart of numerous publications from local news Worldwide pieces. 
Media, Press Publications & FAQ
Contact & Booking
Learn more about Mermaid Lanai, her array of unique Silicone (and fabric) tails & her mermaid team, Along with our newest addition, a merman
Lanai has worked in Film, Shoots & TV segments. She is experienced in public speaking as well. Does your project need a special touch of Mermaid Magic?
Now Booking: Spring 2024!! Celebrating 14 amazing years!!

For 14 years as a professional, Mermaid Lanai has been unrivaled in professional mermaid entertainment. Lanai brings magical interactive experiences and performances to life for kids and adults of all ages. With over 15 years of experience working with children, including those with special needs, Lanai ensures that everyone has a fantastic time. Mermaid Lanai is also certified in AED/CPR and holds freedive certification. She has worked with foster care and hospital facilities as well. From mermaid birthday parties, Meet a real mermaid events, surprise appearances, and themed events to Magical Mermaid events at Times Square, Education with National Geographic, Large scale, Corporate and Private Events, Mermaid Lanai is there to make every occasion memorable. She has even participated in engagements and weddings. Budget friendly pricing.

Lanai swims in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and all five boroughs (Brooklyn, Bronx, Manhattan, Queens & Staten Island). Mermaid Lanai is available for all parties, events, and media appearances. Her realistic mermaid tails, including her Rainbow Mermaid tail & Blue mermaid tail, are colorful and safe for both in and out of the water. Each tail was custom created with movie/medical grade dragonskin silicone, providing a realistic touch and feel while ensuring complete child and water safety.
Lanai & Her Team are AED/CPR, PADI & SSI Certified, Insured and Contracted. One of her Team Members is also a Security Officer
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