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Who says Mermaids are just for kids? Adding a mermaid to your event can be a real hit with everyone, including the grown-ups! We offer professional mermaids for hire, perfect for Aquarium swims, meet and greets, corporate events, parties, Make-A-Wish, and any occasion that could use a sprinkle of mermaid magic. Don't have a pool? No worries; we can arrange dry meet and greets too. Our experienced mermaid entertainers are comfortable in both wet and dry settings, whether it's on land or in aquariums, and they love swimming alongside people! Beyond the fun, we're all about ocean education and conservation, so we weave educational content into every magical visit. With a focus on marine animal protection, especially whales, dolphins, and other sea creatures, our mermaids are ready to make a splash at corporate events, aquarium visits, hotel openings, photo shoots, film sets, pool parties, fundraisers, and any other special occasions you have in mind.

Themed Parties & Birthdays for Adults: Get ready to shake things up at your next party! Imagine having a mermaid there—pretty awesome, huh? Whether she's hanging out in the pool, tank, or adding a touch of enchantment on dry land, it's going to be unforgettable. Mermaid Lanai isn't just any mermaid; she's the center of attention. From cool poolside pics to fun hangouts, she's sure to keep the energy high. And if you're thinking about hosting a more grown-up affair, like for adults or something, we're totally on board to sprinkle some mermaid magic—keeping it classy and PG, of course!

Corporate & Private Events: Want to make your event one to remember? Picture this: a mermaid stealing the spotlight. Whether she's making waves in the water or adding some glamour to the scene, she'll leave a lasting impression on your guests. Just imagine the buzz she'll create—everyone will be talking about it long after the event ends! Dry option: And if water isn't an option, no worries—our mermaids are just as captivating on dry land, adding a touch of whimsy and charm to your event.

Mermaid for Educational Events and Programs: Dive into an extraordinary educational experience with our mermaid! She's set to add a splash of excitement to your upcoming event or program, whether in water, by water, or on dry land. From exploring marine biology to shedding light on ocean conservation efforts, she'll take participants on an unforgettable journey through underwater ecosystems. With her captivating presence and interactive sessions, she'll ignite a passion for the ocean among learners of all ages, including parents looking for engaging and enriching experiences for their children.

Trade shows, Boat shows, Proms &  Fairs, etc: Want to be the talk of the town at your next big event? Bringing in a mermaid is a bold move that's sure to turn heads. Whether she's swimming in a tank, mingling with the crowd, or adding a touch of flair to your booth, she'll draw a crowd like no other. Dry option: Even if water isn't available, our mermaids can still make a splash at your event, captivating audiences with their charm and allure.

Promotional / Marketing and More: Looking to make a splash with your brand? Say hello to your new secret weapon: a mermaid. Whether she's swimming gracefully in a tank or captivating onlookers out of the water, she's guaranteed to attract attention. People won't be able to resist checking out what you've got going on! Dry option: Even without water, our mermaids are skilled at drawing in crowds and generating buzz for your brand or event.

Past clients: Via Aquarium, Marriott & Hilton Hotels, Le Parker Meridien, New York Sport Clubs, GoldFish Swim School, Five Star Swim school, Safe-T-Swim, T-Towers, NYC Museums, Russo's On The Bay, Pier 17, Childrens Museum, Science Centers & More