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Who says Mermaids are for kids only? Having a mermaid as a special attraction or décor at your event will be a sensation!! We have professional mermaids. Hire our professional mermaids for Aquarium swims, meet and greets, corporate events, parties, Make-A-Wish, and anything else that requires a touch of mermaid enchantment. Our Mermaids are trained and certified free divers. Our exceptionally talented and experienced mermaid entertainers are at ease in both Pool and beach settings, dry land, and aquariums, and they even like swimming with people! inspiring more than simply fantasy, we are dedicated to ocean protection and education, and we combine educational content into each magical visit. We place a high value on marine animal conservation, particularly the protection of whales, dolphins, and other sea creatures. Our mermaids love to visit for corporate events, aquarium events/swims, hotel openings, photo sessions, film shoots, poolside parties, fundraisers, and other special occasions.

Adult Birthdays & Holiday Events: Whether Day or Night a mermaid in a pool, tank, or any body of water is unforgettable. Make your birthday, special event, or holiday event a splash! Lanai loves meeting guests, and she will be sure to keep them in awe. Mermaid Lanai will meet poolside for pictures (or in a special area) Make sure to keep your guests smiling with fun interactions and playful antics which will wow your guests and clients at your next event! Ask about adult parties, trade shows, and upscale events! (But always Family Friendly of course)

Corporate & Private Events: Are you having a large, private or high classed function and need something which will amaze and enchant your guests? A mermaid can be a beautiful living and interactive centerpiece or a small feature at your function. Either in Water or As Décor (On a table in a special chair or any other creative area) She will truly captivate your guests and be one of the biggest highlights at your special event.

Trade shows, Boat shows, Toy & Renn Faires, etc: Mermaids are for everyone and are great for entertainment and product demonstrations too. They Swim and interact in a tank or above-ground pool or even a special area. (ALL PRICING varies depending on Location and Hours wanted)

Promotional / Marketing and More – Mermaids have this incredible ability to draw in crowds, whether in a tank (dunk or aquarium) or out of the water, customers will flock over to see the mermaid. So if you have a grand opening, a Show or even a big premiere (etc.) Why not hire a Mermaid to entice the crowds and gets public attention?? 

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