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There is nothing like the look on a child's face when they see a real live mermaid at their party. Either on Land or in Water Lanai is ready to Surprise the special birthday guest on their very special day, we have a half-hour to, and 2 and Multiple hour packages available (for more than 3 hours please contact us for more information & pricing. If you're on a budget, let us know 

(Swim With A Mermaid Packages)

SEAprise Party: This is the bare minimum package, the kids come to meet Lanai poolside (indoor or outdoor) and then Jump in to swim with, and play games with Lanai, for kids who can't swim/young kids she'll come over and slide up if she can if they'd like to pet her tail/fins and talk to her too. Right before she has to leave, she hands out special wishing stones and takes photos too!

 Royal Splash Party: This is the package of all packages with games, special treasures, A special gift for the birthday child, mermaid swim rides, special activities and so much more! Lanai will meet poolside for pictures (or in a special area), and then Guests can Join her in the water to play games, and so much more!! Lanai can Twirl/Spin, Tail Slap, Speed Swim under the water, Give "Mermaid Rides" on her back and occasionally will impress with a back/front flip or two, she also does an amazing impression of dolphin sounds and can splash water pretty fast (Beware: Any poolside where Lanai is, becomes a splash zone..) So Take the plunge and swim on over for an enchanting experience of a lifetime sure to never be forgotten! This package includes a video as well.

Guppy Lessons: Mermaid Lanai will come to your home or designated pool location to teach your kids how to swim like a mermaid, and also do a small photoshoot and a certificate for a Memorable day. (Please note, kids should have basic swim skills!)

(Dry Party / Special Appearances)

Castaway Party: No Ocean, Pool, or Water in sight?? Not a Problem!! Mermaid Lanai can come on land with help from her Mermaid Assistant. She can play on land as well as in the water! : Lanai will Meet the birthday child and their guests answer questions, read and/or tell stories, Work on activities and bring her treasure chest with special treasure for the guest(s) of honor. We provide a variety of ways to have guests interact for fun, photo ops, and more! 

Mermaids Wish Package (1-hour minimum): - (Available NY/ Long Island only) Do you want to do something special for your child or your special someone who loves mermaids, Whether on Dry land or In water, Lanai can come and meet your prince or princesses and they can swim with, take photos, tell stories, answer questions and bring a special gift too from her undersea garden and a few more surprises too.

Packages Include: 
*Meet & Greet & Q & A
*Special Gift for the Birthday child
*Swimming with Lanai
* Picture time (individual and group photos)
*Games and Storytelling 
*Special Treasures (wishing stones, 
necklaces & coins.)