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Business Insider: 

professional mermaid spends $3,200 on her extravagant tail:

Little Girls Wish Granted with the Help of Mermaids! (Make A Wish)

Interview for The New York Daily News with her Fellow mersister, Mermaid Theta about their profession as Mermaids:

Featured in Daily News (2017)

​News & Record (photos 8 & 9)


EMAIL: [email protected]

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INSTAGRAM: @NewYorkMermaid *High Photo/Video content*


Frequently Asked Questions:

Tails currently: 4 (Two Silicone tails and High Quality 2 Fabric tails)

Pricing of tails: $1,600- $4,500 For realistic Platinum silicone tails, $400 For Fabric quality Tails

Weight of tails: 12- 41lbs

Traveling with tails: Due to weight and size tails need to be checked in on flights

What do you do: A professional Mermaid character which comes to your location who will swim, interact and take photos with your guests, For kids parties there are swim games, mermaid rides, Wishes and treasures, and special stories as well. A photographer will take photos of those special moments (included in package) This mermaid will also swim in a tank, and can sit on dry land or a special shell, and will interact that way. 

Do you do Adult events: Yes but Family friendly only!! While we are a fun and open minded team, we have had our share of very adult themes which wasn't our cup of sea. Bachelorette parties are okay to a point, If you have questions, Please dont hesitate to contact us and ask away, we will find out if this event is for us, or refer you to someone who does certain events. 

Do You have any Tattoos??: NO! I personally dont have any tattoos or piercing in strange locations. But other than that, I do occasionally hire other mermaids that do have tattoos (Venilia, Theta), as we are an equal opportunity employer. However we understand some events and people have religious, conservative, other views on how a mermaid should look and that is completely understandable. We have both mermaids with and without tattoos. So if you want a mermaid without tattoos please let us know.

GotMermaid ( , )
Mernation: Asked Questions:

Tails currently: We offer 4 tails in total, including 2 silicone tails and 2 high-quality fabric tails.

Pricing of tails: Our realistic platinum silicone tails range from $1,600 to $4,500, while our fabric tails are priced at $400.

Weight of tails: Our tails weigh between 12 and 41 pounds.

Traveling with tails: Due to their weight and size, tails need to be checked in on flights.

What do you do: We provide professional mermaid characters who come to your location to swim, interact, and take photos with your guests. For kids' parties, we offer swim games, mermaid rides, wishes and treasures, and special stories. A photographer is included in the package to capture those special moments. Our mermaids can swim in a tank and interact while sitting on dry land or a special shell.

Do you do Adult events: Yes, but our events are family-friendly only. While we're open-minded, we prefer to avoid very adult themes. Bachelorette parties are okay to a certain extent. If you have any questions about the suitability of your event, feel free to contact us.

Do You have any Tattoos?: Our main mermaid does not have any tattoos or piercings in unusual locations. However, we occasionally hire other mermaids who may have tattoos. We respect that some events and individuals may prefer mermaids without tattoos, so please let us know your preference.

Tail Maker(s): We collaborate with GotMermaid, Mernation, and FinFolk Productions for tail creation.

Mermaid Party/Event Pricing: Our rates start at $300+ depending on the type of party, location, and number of mermaids requested. Our packages include additions in the pricing, unlike others who charge extra. We offer 1-3 hour packages as well as 3+ hour options. Pricing may vary based on the event location and whether it's a dry or splash party.

Booking Lanai: Lanai's schedule fills up quickly, especially during busy months from April to October. Availability is year-round, 7 days a week. Lanai is open to working with non-profit organizations, zoos, aquariums, and educational programs. Please contact her for more information.
​FinFolk Productions:  (Fabric tails)

Mermaid Party/ event pricing: Local average range is $200+ There are 1- 3-hour packages available, as well as 3+ hours. (please note pricing can change depending on the location of the event, and if it is a Dry party or Splash Party) 

Booking Lanai: Busy Months are April- October which is usually booked months in advance and solid throughout the summer, both weekdays and weekends. Availability is Year around 7 days a week. She currently has partnered up with 2 other professional mermaids who also book out quickly. If you're looking for more than one mermaid for a party or event let her know with time. Lanai is willing to work with non-profit organizations, Zoos and Aquariums, and various educational programs, Please contact her with more information - [email protected] (Click the link)